The UK Access User Group is one of the longest running community groups in the United Kingdom. Formed in 1995, we are still attracting the best talent in the UK to form a network of like-minded people who recognise the power of MS Access to deliver sophisticated business solutions with high productivity.
The User Group has an annual subscription fee which in these days of the internet is a brave position to take, but it has meant that we retain a focused group of serious Access developers who want to share and advance their understanding of the product, contribute their experiences, speak at seminars and network with other developers.
We are a unique organisation where our membership, which stands at around 150 enthusiasts, meet twice a year to listen to the best from our local community and the greater international community of experts. In a recent seminar May 2016 we arranged for Armen Stein (MVP) from Seattle to come to the UK to share his insights into Access and Business Productivity and he is now comming back to talk again in 2018.
But you don’t have to fly in to contribute, we also have our own home-spun talent and encourage members to consider speaking at our events.


As Chairman of the UK Access User Group I want to welcome you to our site and invite you to share in our free resources. If you are based in the UK then why not join our group and benefit from the networking, job opportunities and pure pleasure from being able to contribute to a lively community.

Rod Gordon


This site may at first glance look a bit empty, but you need to dig down to see the content. For many years I wanted to make the primary site content of our group be delivered by Access, and now we have the ultimate solution. MS have come up with a sustainable, extendible, productive, familiar and cracking new technology. It is called an Access 2013 Web App.
Click on our Explore menu choice and interact with a read-only experience of an Access 2013 Web App delivered in Office 365.

Andrew Couch
Technical Director

our membership

We have so many fantastic members who give their time freely to contribute at our seminars, without their dedication and enthusiasm we would not have a group. Many of our members have been with the group for over ten years, and this means that our national seminars have the great buzz of people getting together to find out what they have been up to in the previous six months.


*  Participate in our private listserver

Probably the greatest benefit the group offers is our private listserver, which allows you to post questions and problems to a unique group of developers. We also have several key Microsoft personnel on the list.

*  Discounted seminar fees

The group normally holds two seminars per year, the membership fee is covered by the saving in seminar fees when attending both seminars. 
Seminars are a great opportunity for networking with other developers, picking up on new business opportunities and getting great presentations on both the latest technologies and insights into traditional product features.


*  Membership Fees: Standard individual membership: £70.00 + VAT; Corporate membership (for up to 5 named employees): £225.00 + VAT. Regional meetings, use of the web-site and list-server are all included in the membership fee. Attendance at the national seminar is subsidised.

*  Typical fees for national seminars are: £100.00 + VAT (£120.00 inc VAT) for members £135.00 + VAT (£162.00 inc VAT) for non-members

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